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Previous Scholars (since 2002)

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Sofia Sebastian (2007)

The EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Interplay of Domestic and European Elites in the Process of Political Reform and European Integration

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Wei Shen (2007)

A Comparative Study on Student Circular Migration between China and Europe

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Evghenia Sleptsova (2007)

Ukrainian Foreign Trade: Integration with the EU

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Nathalie Aubry (2006)

Interest Representation in EU Competition Policy by British & French Firms

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Ross Beveridge (2006)

Exploring Contrasting Approaches to the Issues and Debates Surrounding European Water Governance

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Giselle Bosse (2006)

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)

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Caroline Bouchard (2006)

The European Union as an Actor at the United Nations in the Policy Area of International Human Security

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Meng-Hsuan Chou (2006)

A Historical Institutionalist Account of the Evolution of European Union's Asylum and Immigration Acquis (1992

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Julia De Clerck-Sachsse (2006)

European Civil Society and the Process of Constitutionalising the EU

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Reinhard Eisel (2006)

EU-China External Relations: The Importance of Trade

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Sara Fuller (2006)

Representing Environmental (In)Justice? Democratic Challenges for European Spatial Planning

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Borja García García (2006)

The Origins and Development of the European Union's Policy on Sport

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Anna Hadynska (2006)

The Europeanisation of Agri-Environmental Policy and Domestic Change: German and Polish Case Studies

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Thomas Lefebvre (2006)

'Small States the Common Foreign and Security Policy'

Mikhail Mukhametdinov (2006)

The European Union and Mercosur: Variation Among the Factors of Regional Cohesion

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Krzysztof Nowaczek (2006)

Europeanisation of Domestic Immigration Policies

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Thomas Pfister (2006)

'The Changing Nature of Stateness and Citizenship in the European Union: Implementing Gender Equality in Germany Hungary and the UK'

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Melchior Szczepanik (2006)

Socialisation of Polish Members of the European Parliament

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Alex Balch (2005)

Labour Migration Policy

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Nathaniel Copsey (2005)

Foreign Policy & Public Opinion

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Elena-Simona Davidescu (2005)

Environmental Policy-making in Hungary & Romania

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Magdalena Frennhoff Larsén (2005)

The Agenda-setting Role of the European Commission in Trade Negotiations between the EU & South Africa

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Katharina Groell (2005)

Germany & the Restrictive Dimension of European Co-operation in Immigration & Asylum

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Erhan Icener (2005)

Explaining the Laggards of EU Enlargement: A Comparative Study of Turkey & Romania

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Isabelle Ioannides (2005)

Policy Learning in the European Union on Externally Supported Police Reform

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Ana Juncos Garcia (2005)

Coherence & Effectiveness of CFSP in Bosnia & Herzegovina & in the Middle East Peace Process

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Avril Keating (2005)

Europeanization of Citizenship Education Policy

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Robert Kissack (2005)

EU Member States' Cooperation in the International Labour Organisation

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Brigitte Leucht (2005)

Transatlantic Policy Networks & the Founding of the New Europe

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Claudia Major (2005)

'France Germany & the UK: Understanding the Ongoing Europeanisation of Security & Defence Policy'

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Christine Mellein (2005)

Subsidiarity Control through National Parliaments according to the Constitutional Treaty: An Analysis of the Early Warning Mechanism & the Right of National Parliaments to Bring an Action before the ECJ

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Liz Monaghan (2005)

'The EU Institutions Organised Civil Society & European Publics'

Mikhail Mukhametdinov (2005)

The European Union & Mercosur: Comparing Regional Integration Projects

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Carlos Vogt (2005)

'Culture Leadership and the 'Idea of Europe' in Postwar European Integration'

Nicola Catellani (2004)

The EU's Northern Dimension

Maria-Jesus Garcia (2004)

EU External Policy Making in the Negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement with Chile

Marion Guiral de Trenqualye (2004)

Ideas of Federalism in France

Sara Hobolt (2004)

Mass-Elite Dynamics in Referendums on European Integration

Tomás Karásek (2004)

Theoretical Approaches Towards the Examination of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU

Christian Kaunert (2004)

The Role of the European Commission in Justice and Home Affairs

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