UACES Scholarships are awarded to postgraduate students and provide a bursary to undertake research in another country.

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2019 UACES Scholars

Christine Andreeva (Dublin City University): "From Divergence to Coordination? Understanding the Development of the European Union’s Counter-Terrorism Policy"

  • Fieldwork destination: Brussels (Belgium); Paris (France), the Hague (the Netherlands), Sofia (Bulgaria).

Tamas Dudlak (University of Pécs): “Illiberal democracies on the edge of the European Union. Comparison between Hungary and Turkey” – part of the PhD dissertation entitled “Relations between Hungary and Turkey from the regime change to the Eastern Opening of Hungary (1990–2014)”

  • Fieldwork destination: Ankara (Turkey)

Noémia Pizarro Pereira (ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon): “The effectiveness of the EU’s external policy on immigration: an analysis of the migration compacts with Niger and Mali”

  • Fieldwork destination: Niamey (Niger) and Bamako (Mali)

Angelica Szucko (University of Brasília - UnB): "UK-EU relationship in the context of regional integration process"

  • Fieldwork destination: London (UK)

Nuve Yazgan (University of Surrey): "Reform Implementation during Austerity: Explaining the Greek and Irish Cases"

  • Fieldword destination: Athens (Greece)

Previous Scholars (since 2002)

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Valentina Feklyunina (2007)

The Role of International Images in the EU-Russia Relations

View report [PDF]

Simona Guerra (2007)

Polish Public Opinion on European Integration

View report [PDF]

Darren McCauley (2007)

Responding to the Europeanisation of Sustainable Development'

View report [PDF]

Iraklis Oikonomou (2007)

The European Defence Industry as a European Security and Defence Policy Actor

View report [PDF]

Petar Petrov (2007)

The Governance of the European Security and Defence Policy

View report [PDF]

Anke Schmidt-Felzmann (2007)

The EU's CFSP and EU-Russia Relations

View report [PDF]

Sofia Sebastian (2007)

The EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Interplay of Domestic and European Elites in the Process of Political Reform and European Integration

View report [PDF]

Wei Shen (2007)

A Comparative Study on Student Circular Migration between China and Europe

View report [PDF]

Evghenia Sleptsova (2007)

Ukrainian Foreign Trade: Integration with the EU

View report [PDF]

Nathalie Aubry (2006)

Interest Representation in EU Competition Policy by British & French Firms

View report [PDF]

Ross Beveridge (2006)

Exploring Contrasting Approaches to the Issues and Debates Surrounding European Water Governance

View report [PDF]

Giselle Bosse (2006)

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)

View report [PDF]

Caroline Bouchard (2006)

The European Union as an Actor at the United Nations in the Policy Area of International Human Security

View report [PDF]

Meng-Hsuan Chou (2006)

A Historical Institutionalist Account of the Evolution of European Union's Asylum and Immigration Acquis (1992

View report [PDF]

Julia De Clerck-Sachsse (2006)

European Civil Society and the Process of Constitutionalising the EU

View report [PDF]

Reinhard Eisel (2006)

EU-China External Relations: The Importance of Trade

View report [PDF]

Sara Fuller (2006)

Representing Environmental (In)Justice? Democratic Challenges for European Spatial Planning

View report [PDF]

Borja García García (2006)

The Origins and Development of the European Union's Policy on Sport

View report [PDF]

Anna Hadynska (2006)

The Europeanisation of Agri-Environmental Policy and Domestic Change: German and Polish Case Studies

View report [PDF]

Thomas Lefebvre (2006)

'Small States the Common Foreign and Security Policy'

Mikhail Mukhametdinov (2006)

The European Union and Mercosur: Variation Among the Factors of Regional Cohesion

View report [PDF]

Krzysztof Nowaczek (2006)

Europeanisation of Domestic Immigration Policies

View report [PDF]

Thomas Pfister (2006)

'The Changing Nature of Stateness and Citizenship in the European Union: Implementing Gender Equality in Germany Hungary and the UK'

View report [PDF]

Melchior Szczepanik (2006)

Socialisation of Polish Members of the European Parliament

View report [PDF]

Alex Balch (2005)

Labour Migration Policy

View report [PDF]

Nathaniel Copsey (2005)

Foreign Policy & Public Opinion

View report [PDF]

Elena-Simona Davidescu (2005)

Environmental Policy-making in Hungary & Romania

View report [PDF]

Magdalena Frennhoff Larsén (2005)

The Agenda-setting Role of the European Commission in Trade Negotiations between the EU & South Africa

View report [PDF]

Katharina Groell (2005)

Germany & the Restrictive Dimension of European Co-operation in Immigration & Asylum

View report [PDF]

Erhan Icener (2005)

Explaining the Laggards of EU Enlargement: A Comparative Study of Turkey & Romania

View report [PDF]

Isabelle Ioannides (2005)

Policy Learning in the European Union on Externally Supported Police Reform

View report [PDF]

Ana Juncos Garcia (2005)

Coherence & Effectiveness of CFSP in Bosnia & Herzegovina & in the Middle East Peace Process

View report [PDF]

Avril Keating (2005)

Europeanization of Citizenship Education Policy

View report [PDF]

Robert Kissack (2005)

EU Member States' Cooperation in the International Labour Organisation

View report [PDF]

Brigitte Leucht (2005)

Transatlantic Policy Networks & the Founding of the New Europe

View report [PDF]

Claudia Major (2005)

'France Germany & the UK: Understanding the Ongoing Europeanisation of Security & Defence Policy'

View report [PDF]

Christine Mellein (2005)

Subsidiarity Control through National Parliaments according to the Constitutional Treaty: An Analysis of the Early Warning Mechanism & the Right of National Parliaments to Bring an Action before the ECJ

View report [PDF]

Liz Monaghan (2005)

'The EU Institutions Organised Civil Society & European Publics'

Mikhail Mukhametdinov (2005)

The European Union & Mercosur: Comparing Regional Integration Projects

View report [PDF]

Carlos Vogt (2005)

'Culture Leadership and the 'Idea of Europe' in Postwar European Integration'

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