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Previous Scholars (since 2002)

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Christian Salm (2010)

Transnational social democracy in the 1970s: party networks in European community development and monetary policy

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Jeroen Moes (2010)

European and national identities in transational social networks: comparative perspectives in a mixed methods framework

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Matthias Mayer (2010)

EU member state preferences on common EU measures on legal economic migration of third country nationals

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Katjana Gattermann (2010)

The European Parliament in the media

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Katharina Gnath (2010)

Explaining European Monetary Union's External Governance: institutional origins and development

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Toni Haastrup (2010)

Security as change: EU-Africa contributions to international peace

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Andrew Kirkpatrick (2010)

Domestic impacts on international environmental organisations, particularly in the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy

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Merethe Leiren (2010)

EU Deregulation policy in public transport

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Katarina Macarieova (2010)

The influence of the European Union on foreign policy formation in member states: the case of Slovakia and the Kosovo Status Process

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Theodora Basmatzi (2010)

The application of European Community state aids rules to the services of general economic interest

Marianne Skinner (2010)

Euroscepticism - a case study of Norway

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Carolien Van Ham (2010)

Choice or Complexity? Voter perceptions of party differences in European democracies

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Agnieszka Wincewicz (2010)

Moral Dimension of the new regulatory framework of financial markets in the European Union or how to combine technical with the normative

Eleftherios Antonopoulos (2009)

The Effects of the EU CARDS/IPA on Administrative Capacity in the Western Balkans

Eunjeong Cho (2009)

EURATOM: Nuclear Norm Competition from 1955 to 1957

Eli Gateva (2009)

EU conditionality in the context of the Eastern and South-Eastern Enlargement of the Union

Arantza Gomez Arana (2009)

The study of the nature of the EU Foreign Policy towards Mercosur

Isabelle Hertner (2009)

The Europeanisation of Social Democratic Party Organisation: Convergence or Divergence?

Daniela Ionescu (2009)

Powerless yet influential. The Commission and the European Parliament (EP) during the 2007 Enlargement process

An Jacobs (2009)

The impact of the European Security and Defence Policy on the administrative structures of three member states

Benjamin Kienzle (2009)

The European Union as an Actor in International Affairs: The Case of Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Aleksandra Lis (2009)

Negotiating environmental controversies in the post-Communist Poland: The case of BOT Mining & Energy Corporation

Rebecca Zahn (2009)

German and UK labour law in a European context following European Union enlargement - how have trade unions in Germany and the UK responded to the challenges of EU enlargement in 2004 and 2007?

Kamil Zwolski (2009)

The European Union as a security actor - moving beyond the second pillar

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Fabienne Bossuyt (2008)

Developing and applying the concept of 'transnational power over' to the study of the European Union as an international actor

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Marcin Dabrowski (2008)

Europeanisation of Polish Regions: Impact of the European Union's Structural Funds on the Regional Institutional Structures

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Sorin Denca (2008)

'European Integration and Foreign Policy in Central and Eastern Europe'

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Elena Gnedina (2008)

Caught in between the EU and Russia: Ukrainian and Moldovan foreign policies

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Gregory Mounier (2008)

ESDP Police missions and the external dimension of Justice and Home Affairs

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Aylin Ozet (2008)

Civil Society and Security in Turkey. How have different civil society actors in Turkey conceived security and how have these conceptions shaped their attitudes and behaviours to the membership of the EU?

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Malte Brosig (2007)

Diffusing Human Rights Standards: Minority Rights in Estonia and Slovakia

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Christian Burckhardt (2007)

Civilian Power Europe? The Nature of European Union Foreign Policy

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Helene Dyrhauge (2007)

'EU Common Railway Policy the Commission and Public Administration'

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Tobias Etzold (2007)

The Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Nordic Councils in a Theoretical Perspective

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Valentina Feklyunina (2007)

The Role of International Images in the EU-Russia Relations

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Simona Guerra (2007)

Polish Public Opinion on European Integration

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Darren McCauley (2007)

Responding to the Europeanisation of Sustainable Development'

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Iraklis Oikonomou (2007)

The European Defence Industry as a European Security and Defence Policy Actor

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Petar Petrov (2007)

The Governance of the European Security and Defence Policy

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Anke Schmidt-Felzmann (2007)

The EU's CFSP and EU-Russia Relations

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