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Previous Scholars (since 2002)

Nicola Catellani (2004)

The EU's Northern Dimension

Maria-Jesus Garcia (2004)

EU External Policy Making in the Negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement with Chile

Marion Guiral de Trenqualye (2004)

Ideas of Federalism in France

Sara Hobolt (2004)

Mass-Elite Dynamics in Referendums on European Integration

Tomás Karásek (2004)

Theoretical Approaches Towards the Examination of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU

Christian Kaunert (2004)

The Role of the European Commission in Justice and Home Affairs

Manja Klemencic (2004)

Small States and European Union Negotiations

Sarah Leonard (2004)

The Role of the European Union in the 'Securitization' of Asylum and Migration

Chorng-yau Lin (2004)

Change and Continuity of British Post-Cold War Foreign Policy Towards European Security Cooperation

Benedicta Marzinotto (2004)

EMU and Fiscal Policies

Magdalena Katarzyna Skulimowska (2004)

Eastern Enlargement of the EU: A Critical Assessment of the EU's Pre-Accession Assistance to the CEEC's

Malin Stegmann McCallion (2004)

Europeanisation of the Swedish State

Asle Toje (2004)

EU-US Post-Cold War Security Relations

Dennis Trifonov (2004)

Military Factor in Russian Foreign Policy and Russia's Relations with NATO and the EU

Kara Bosworth (2003)

Russia and European Security

Alessandra Buonfino (2003)

European Immigration Policy

Gemma Collantes Calador (2003)

Police Reform in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sebastian Csaki (2003)

ESDP / German Foreign and Security Policy

Elena Simona Davidescu (2003)

Environmental Policy in Hungary and Romania

Jeremy Faro (2003)

European Studies

Leonard Novy (2003)

European Integration

Wolfango Piccoli (2003)

Turkey-EU Relations

Ola Samzelius (2003)

European Foreign Policy

Min Shu (2003)

Referendums and European Integration

Sara Silvestri (2003)

Muslim Immigration

Malin Stegmann McCallion (2003)

Europeanisation of the Swedish State

Michael Zdanowski (2003)

Russian Minority in Post-Communist Estonia

Christina Bengtson (2002)

National Parliaments in EU

Mustafa Karayigit (2002)

Constitutional / External Trade

Anatoliy Lyzohub (2002)

EU Law and Integration

Jimmy Milanese (2002)

European Studies

Guido Müntel (2002)

EU's Eastern Enlargement & Kaliningrad

Anne Myrjord (2002)

'Multi-Level Cooperation: Russia EU and Nordic States in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region'

Nicole Schulze (2002)

European Interest Representation

Guido Schwellnus (2002)

European Studies

Iyiola Solanke (2002)

Anti-Racial Discrimination Law

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