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“United in Diversity”. A mechanism of “othering”?

Veroniki Krikoni

The need of rethinking anew the boundaries of European identity emerges as a priority in the European scene. The ongoing economic crisistogether along with the ongoing refugee crisis and the secession tendencies within it, raise the question of whether a European collectiveidentity can accommodate multiple national identities and essentially achieve the goal set by the EU motto “united in diversity”. The EUrhetoric “united in diversity” has manifested itself in the contemporary conceptions of Europe and dominates the institutional representationimpacting on the identity formation processes and societal transformation. Consequently, this should lead us to a holistic approach of thismotto according to which diversity is to be acknowledged and unity will be succeeded by giving priority to the plurality of nationalcultures. Therefore, we propose a paper on the case study of the Balkan Peninsula through the prism of the EU enlargement process toward itseastern neighborhood. We aim at providing arguments supporting the thesis that the EU motto “united in diversity” could result culturally inthe exclusion of the Balkan countries from the construction of a cosmopolitanism Europe and consequently it might function as a mechanism of“othering”.

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