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The EU as a Comprehensive Police Actor

Stephen Rozee

The European Union has responded to changing security threats by seeking to increase cooperation between Member States' law enforcement agencies, grantingfurther powers to Europol and other intelligence-sharing institutions, and by undertaking police missions beyond EU borders. The literature relating to EU policing isgenerally focused on the 'internal' and 'external' dimensions, or on specific aspects of police activity. This tendency to concentrate on narrow or isolated areas ofpolicing has led to a significant gap regarding broader analysis of the EU as a comprehensive police actor. Important questions about the nature of EU policing as awhole, as well as the role of police in the EU's ambitions as a comprehensive security provider, remain unexplored in the literature. This paper aims to define what ismeant by 'comprehensive policing' and to indentify criteria by which the comprehensiveness of EU-level policing may be measured. In addition to this, an integratedactorness/police comprehensiveness framework will be presented as a tool for assessing the EU as a comprehensive police actor.

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