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The Fortress Island - What the UK 2014 Immigration Bill Means for UK-EU Relations

Amy Manktelow

This paper will seek to understand the way in which migration is currently being securitized by the United Kingdom and the European Union we must first understand the historical journey of both actors in context to migration. The key concept that I will address in this paper the progression of the trend of securitization and in what ways this changed the UK and the EU's migration policies. This paper will not be a chronological narrative of the past policies but an analytical overview of how the UK and the EU has engaged with migration over the past 60 years since the end of World War 2. I will discuss and analyse three key points in history that have changed the way in which migration has been managed. The first point will be Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech, the Maastricht Treaty (1992) and the Amsterdam Treaty (1997). These 3 events are key to my research and were important to the changing relations between the UK and the EU in regards to migration control. In particular this paper will discuss the change in attitudes towards external migration into the region and how this change was reflected in policy development.

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