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Universities in Constructing of European Identity: Actors or Just Tools

Lyubov Fadeeva

European identity is constructed by various actors, presumably, by elites both political and intellectual ones. University are involved into Bologna process and participate in the dissemination of the European ideas and politics (policy) through Jean Monnet chairs activity,Educational programs and European studies centers etc. Political and social scientists Examine the role of universities in developing of democratic European culture (Alain Renaut), they investigate university dynamics and European integration (P.A.Maassen, J.P.Olssen). It is common for researchers to Consider university as trustee of the European humanistic tradition. The research problem has more dimensions: Do universities in Europe create their own version of European identity as per-requisite and corner-stone of European integration or they just follow to decision-makers of the EU institutions? What correlation Is between strong supporters of European identity politics and their critics at universities? Do university experts try to search efficient ways to combine European and national identities models (a kind of non-zero-sum of a game)? Does some equilibrium exist between The mission of universities as institutions and the mission of university professors as independent thinkers (and experts)? Can universities influence The process of European identity constructing? There is a set of questions and to answer them is to clarify The role of universities in constructing of European identity: as actors or just tools of identity politics in contemporary European Union.

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