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Threshold Concepts through Enactive Learning: How Effective are they in the Study of European Politics

Elena Korosteleva-Polglase

Studying European Politics can be a challenge! And this is not surprising: even the best scholarly minds of European politics often struggle to give precise definition to such a young, but already so complex and constantly evolving polity as the European Union, and are increasingly at odds with identifying its prospects for survival. One way to achieve a better understanding of the subject is to utilise a threshold concept approach, which is essentially a 'less is more' approach that chooses to work with a few 'founding' concepts, and identifies a 'road map' for independent learning of broader but essentially inter-connected issues of the discipline. The threshold concept approach becomes even more effective if combined with enactive learning - that is, learning-by-doing, through role-taking and simulation of the threshold concepts during seminars. Such learning evidently exceeds the boundaries of conventional knowledge and becomes a useful transferable investment for the future.

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