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Priority Area Coordinators and Horizontal Action Leaders in EU Macro-region Strategies Trans-governmental Networks in the Making?

Stefan Gänzle

The system of Priority Area Coordinators (PAC) and Horizontal Action Leaders (HAL) presents a unique feature of the governance architecture established by. The primary role of PAC and HAL is to involve relevant stakeholders in the implementation of a macro-regional strategy. This paper unpacks the internal dynamic within the core element of the governance architecture and hence to map, in a comparative way, the role, main tasks, patterns of inter-organizational contacts and self-perception of PAC and HAL in the EUSBSR and EUSDR. Building on data provided by an online survey conducted in 2013 and involving more than 30 BSR/DR PAC and HAL, it explores the infrastructure provided by the 'home institutions' for PAC and HAL, how PAC/HAL work and to whom they 'lean', but also how they perceive of important challenges and opportunities posed by EU macro-regional strategies. One of the key findings suggests that PAC/HAL not only constitute a form of transnational governmental network between participating countries, but at the same time extend the reach of a thinly staffed European Commission DG Regio into (sub)national bureaucracies of EU members and partner countries.

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