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G-77 and Nonaligned Group: The Relevance of Tricontinental Multilateralism

Jacqueline Braveboy-Wagner

In an era of regionalism, it has been hard to sustain the case for the primary relevance of the central groups for tricontinental solidarity in the global south. The NAM in particular, often scorned by western observers even during its heyday, appears to some to have been abandoned even by stalwart founders such as India. Yet both the nonaligned group and the more economically-oriented G-77 continue to play major roles at the UN, their most important platform. This paper examines critically the current foci and operations of these two groups, in particular the depth of connectivity between these groups and the regional groups at the UN. The guiding argument is that regionalism is not enough to accomplish both the pragmatic goal of development as well as the aspirations to leadership of emerging global south nations.

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