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Effective Judicial Protection in Consumer Protection in the ECJ's Case Law

Joaquin Sarrion Esteve

The aim of my paper is to examine the effective control that the ECJ exercisse on national law applying the rightfor citizens to benefit from effective judicial protection, particularly in the matter of consumer protection. As weknow, when there is not a regulation in EU law, Member States possess procedural autonomy. However, this socalledprocedural autonomy must respect and guarantee the exercise of EU fundamental rights. The ECJdeveloped in its jurisprudence matters of great interest to this paper, namely in Unibet (C-432/05), Pannon GSM(243-08), Penzugyi (C-137/08), Domínguez (C-282/10), Banco Español de Crédito (C-618/10) and Aziz (415/11).Thanks to this study we will be able to understand better actual perspectives of procedural autonomy and theright for citizens to benefit from effective judicial protection in consumer protection as a limit to this EU lawprinciple.

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