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Lobbying on the EU Arena - the Polish Business Perspective

Magdalena Sapala

Despite the rich literature on the subject of lobbying in the EU decision making system, very little research relatesto the examples of new Member States, including Poland. Empirical data presented in this article may help toimprove knowledge of the degree of involvement of interest groups from this part of Europe in the functioning ofthe multilevel system of governance in the EU.The overall aim of the article is to better understand the Polish business' interest in EU lobbying and to isolate thepopular forms and strategies. It is also about whether Polish entrepreneurs in lobbying activities at EU level arereactive or proactive, chaotic or strategic.The article is based on empirical data collected via survey and interviews of exporters from the Pomerania region,Polish business and regional representations in Brussels. In the theoretical part elements of principal-agent theoryand the theory of access will be applied. The article is part of a larger study on the changes that have occurred inthe perception and application of European lobbying by the Polish business after joining the EU.

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