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What does EU enlargement offer for socially excluded people?

Canan Ugur

Even though European membership is thought as an impetus for democratisation and economic improvement, the situation is on the contrary for socially excluded people. They cannot cope with "the competitive pressure and market forces within the Union." (European Commission 2011) Although the EU declared social inclusion as an objective in the Lisbon Summit in 2000, the regulative role of the EU hinder an overarching solution. As a victim of a deep social exclusion Roma people is the subject of that paper. Although the membership of Central and Eastern European Countries made them visible at the EU level, they are still struggling with prejudice, discrimination and poverty. The aim of that paper is to answer the question that to what extend the EU offer a solution area for socially excluded people. How has the situation of Roma people changed in Central and Eastern European Countries after they became members of the EU?

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