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Europeanization and Identity: The Case of Turkey

Cigdem Nas

Europeanization aims at understanding the interactions induced by the EU process which impact onpolicy-making, norms, styles and discourses in Member States as well as candidate countries to the EU. WhenEuropeanization approach is applied to the issue of identity, it may imply shifting of loyalties to a new center aswell as a redefinition of what national collective identities refer to or are based on. Collective identities would gothrough a process of adaptation (or resistance) to European integration, adoption of norms, values, and culturalunderstandings that would impact on how the national identity and its relations with the larger concept of Europeare perceived. In the case of Turkey, the long-running association with the EU, and the membership process haveinfluenced the discourses about and shaping of identity. The article will aim at analyzing the effects of the EU andrelations with the EU on the identity process in Turkey focusing on how Europe and Turkey's standing vis-à-visthe EU are perceived in elite discourse and how the problematic accession process to the EU is impacting onTurkish identity construction.

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