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"Normative Power Europe" in Conflict Transformation in the Case of Cyprus : Its Potentials and Limitations

Stella Georgiadou

In 2002, Ian Manners introduced the notion of "Normative Power Europe" to define the EU's nature and its role in world politics. The main aim of this paper is to provide an evaluation of the potentials and limitations of the applicability of the theory of 'Normative Power Europe' in the field of conflict transformation in the case of Cyprus. In order to realize this goal, I use a three-part analytical framework drawn from the literature which perceives a normative actor as one having normative goals, pursuing normative policies and producing a normative impact. This framework is used for the purposes of integrating a theoretical conceptualization of the theory of 'Normative Power Europe' with empirical inquiry. This three-part framework is applied to the case of Cyprus. Drawing on primary data gathered from interviews conducted in Nicosia as well as on official documentation, this paper concludes that the attribution of the 'Normative Power' characteristic to the EU is not accurate in relation to its role in conflict transformation. Moreover, the main weaknesses of the notion will be revealed and discussed.

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