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The Externalisation of the EU Immigration Policies to Ukraine: Following Example of Central Eastern European Countries?

Lidia Kuzemska

Before Central Eastern European countries joined the EU they were required to align its migration and border policies with the EU's standards. Abandoning previously comparably liberal migration rules and restricting access for citizens of Eastern neighbouring countries was a difficult, although a necessary step in the accession process. Externalisation (Lavenex, 1998) of the EU's migration and other security-driven policies to future member states however has a lot in common with the voluntary and supported by the EU (financially and technically) approximation of Ukrainian migration policy since 2001. Even though Ukraine has no prospects of joining the EU in the nearest future and is not a candidate county it is following similar path to those of the CEE countries. Similarities and divergencies in these processes iwill be compared and analysed in the paper with regard to political, economic and socio-cultural reasons that enable such approximation between the EU and Eastern neighbours' migration policies.

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