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Multiannual Framework Negotiations and the Eurozone Crisis

Lubor Lacina, Lucie Tunkrova

While both the European Commission and the European Parliament point to the urgent need to increase the size of the EU budget there has not been any long term support to significantly increase it above 1% of the EU's GNI. The Eurozone debt crisis could - and should - be used as an opportunity to improve the stabilization capacity of the EU budget according to fiscal federalism theory recommendations, moving the EU closer towards a political union. Within the analysis of the 2014-2020 negotiations conduct, we argue that the Eurozone crisis opened an opportunity window that needs to be fully utilised. In the proposed paper, we will provide an economic analysis of the scenarios with respect to the most recent developments. We will also examine how the 'political power' of the EU's institutions (Parliament, Commission, Presidency) and member states can be utilized in securing favourable reform outcomes in the context of the new financial perspective adopted and the time frame available.

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