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Exploring the links between a grassroots movement, social entrepreneurship, journalism and identity building: the Italian experiment of Vita non profit magazine

Rose Hackman

Vita non profit magazine is an Italian experiment to link journalism with grassroots movements, an experiment to both report and build new ideas of social and active citizenship. The experiment is based on the thesis that a new, active approach to citizenship (be it local or global, Italian or European) must go hand in hands with an ethical and responsible reporting process on European civil society and that this is one of the strongest untapped tools the Union disposes to the awakening of European citizenship as a whole. The case study follows the experience and innovations proposed by the Italian Vita Non Profit Magazine. The problem of poor European citizenship and identification as well as apathy is analysed. From this stems the proposed argument which lies in the fact that there is an ordinary, everyday Europe which is not being told and has been overlooked. Here however lies the key to European citizenship building and participative democracy. The reality which is being referred to is Civil Society, an entity which, similarly to Europe, is as diverse as it is complex and difficult to pin down. As such, the idea that reporting on European civil society could give an alternative view of the continent which is much more identity building than the mainstream ways already being employed will be analysed through the case study of the the Italian Vita Non Profit Magazine.

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