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EU's Growing Credibility in Crisis Management: The Case of Georgia as a Turning Point

Milena Romano

As a global actor, the European Union faces several complex and uncertain security issues and,consequently, a high demand to become more coherent and effective in terms of strategic approaches. Thepurpose of this paper is to offer an analysis of the EU's growing credibility as a crisis manager in conflictsituations. In order to prove this point, I will review the literature concerning the EU's response during theconflict between Russia and Georgia in August 2008. Indeed, this particular case study indicates how,compared to considerable difficulties experienced in the past, the EU has come a long way improving itsinstruments, as highlighted in the EU Security Strategy, "through mediation between the parties,humanitarian assistance, a civilian monitoring mission, and substantial financial support". Finally, on thebasis of the analysis of this case, I will investigate how a more coherent European engagement could bedeployed to address new challenges, via a comprehensive approach under the direction of the EuropeanExternal Action Service and the use of the appropriate instruments.

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