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Europeanization of National Renewable Energy Policies: Longitudinal Case Studies in Denmark, Germany, France and the UK

Albina Lindt

As has been widely acknowledged, the formation of domestic renewable energy policies is to a significant extent a function of EU-emanating influence in the same or related policy fields, such as electricity market liberalisation and community guidelines for environmental state aid. The Europeanization of this policy sector as well as of any other can be impelled by more than one mechanism, e.g. anticipation of EU-level tendencies or the EU-induced reconfiguration of leverage amongst domestic actors, apart from the direct imposition of European legislation. However, in order to filter the net effect of the EU, one has, firstly, to account for the initial mark of a member state on the decision-making process at the EU-level. Secondly, the purely domestic sources in national decision-making have to be distinguished from the EU-emanating ones. This research endeavour is approached by resorting to the conceptualization of Europeanization that accounts for the different forms it can take, offered by Knill and Lehmkuhl (2002). Apart from investigation of the top-down process of Europeanization, it can equally help understanding of national interest-formation represented in the Council, and subsequently cast light on the larger picture of the long-term process of Europeanization of a policy field.

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