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Where is the EU’s Southern Border?

Amy Manktelow

The EU’s southern border is becoming more difficult to research because it is a challenge to determine where the border is. Over the past ten years the securitization of migration in the Euro-Med region has had a direct effect on the politics and international relations between the EU, its member states and North Africa. The EU is increasingly using its North African neighbours to control migration some examples of this are UKBA visa processing centres or the European Neighbourhood Policy. Such structures are in place to externalise the control of sovereign borders by the EU. This paper aims to show that the future study of migration between the two regions could be made easier by using Pierre Bourdieu’s ‘Field Theory’. His deconstruction of the relationship between agency and structure are perfect for analysing migration in the region as it allows the controls that the EU exercises to be located in North Africa. This paper will show how the use of ‘field theory’ could progress the understanding of the politics of migration from North Africa to the EU by allowing traditional structures to be altered to reveal a complex web of interdependence and political tension.

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