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Considerations of a Governance Approach to Preventing Match-Fixing in Sports

Karen Jones

The problem of sports corruption in particular match-fixing has become a serious international issue in the world of sports and threatens the integrity of sports competitions. Recently, a Europol investigation revealed the wide-spread nature of match-fixing with 680 matches being deemed “suspicious” and 425 people under suspicion of match-fixing. Some attention has been given to the laws that are in place to try and combat this problem, but less focus has been given to the topic of governance in sports. Although there have been some efforts made by national and international sports organizations to provide education and information to players, coaches and management about the dangers and impacts of match-fixing, much more can and should be done to ensure a proper governance structure and sufficient oversight is in place to help prevent match-fixing. There has been some discussion around the need for a European directive to help combat the issue of match-fixing within the European Union. The European Parliament is considering such a directive. This paper will consider the idea of a governance approach to the problem of match-fixing, and review the activities that are currently being engaged by sports organizations as well as requirements under the proposed directive.

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