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European integration theories: from grand theories to niche theories?

Henri Aaltonen

The theory debate in the European integration theories has been in the last years from grand theories to niche theories in explaining European integration process. The aim is to show how various theories are used to explain certain aspects of the integration process. (Mosaic of theories).This is a valid claim and in my paper I am going to advocate the idea how in the (FPI) both supranational and national interest and preferences were merged into one theory corpus, which explain the (FPI) integration process 1961-1995. The points are that markets were supranational for the (FPI); hence the industry interest was in the same time supranational and national one. Integration can be argued from the NF point with geographical spill-over and from the LI side with national preferences (paper consultations and the tide cooperation with the FPI and with Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and for both theories: integration was primarily driven by economics.The FPI is an excellent case study of the whole Finnish integration process, thus the FPI was and is utmost important for the Finnish national economy. Also my paper shows, that NF and LI are valid in the present EU debates

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