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Late Wake-up Call or Early Warning? Parliamentary Participation and Cooperation in Light of the Lisbon Treaty

Christine Neuhold

The Treaty of Lisbon upgrades the role of national Parliaments in the European Union by foreseeing a number of mechanisms through which national Parliaments are to "contribute actively to the good functioning of the Union". Little is known as to how parliaments will seize these opportunities within the practical political process.This paper wants to pick up on this point by analyzing first empirical experiences of implementing selected Treaty provisions since 2005. The main focus is whether strategies prevalent on the national level with regard to scrutiny of EU legislation are simply being replicated in the context of the new Lisbon Treaty provisions on national parliaments. This will be done by way of an analysis of eight so-called subsidiarity tests conducted by the Conference of European Affairs Committees (COSAC) since 2005 and other strategies employed such as the direct dialogue with the European Commission.

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