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The Possibility of the EU Lifting its Arms Embargo on China in the Context of the Eurozone Debt Crisis

Dong Huang

With the deterioration of the Eurozone debt crisis, the problem of EU arms embargo on China has appeared again in the dialogues between the EU and China. It looks like, China has a will to help the EU financially if the EU could make certain concessions in certain sensitive areas including arms embargo on China. Therefore, is there a possibility that the EU will lift its arms ban against China in order to obtain the financial assistance from China? The author would like to firstly review the endeavor of the EU lifting arms embargo on China from 2003 to 2005 and the US's influence on EU decision making. Then, it is to focus on the relations between the EU and the US in the context of the Eurozone debt crisis, as well as figure out whether the US is still strongly against EU lifting arms embargo on China. At last, the author concludes that in the background of the Eurozone debt crisis, it is not clever to bring the sensitive EU arms embargo on China at the table, because it is difficult for the EU to lift the ban when it has tough troubles in its own backyard.

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