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European Foreign Policy Post-Lisbon : A No Fly Zone.

Jaroslava Rudavska & Richard Robinson

This paper will examine the European Foreign Policy response to the crisis in North Africa. This has been the first major foreign policy test of the EU since the Lisbon Treaty came into force in December 2009. It provides an opportunity to reassess EU foreign policy in the light of integration theory. The Treaty of Lisbon 'communitised' EU foreign policy and established a new bureaucracy (the Foreign Action Service) to implement it. In spite of these institutional changes its response to events in North Africa has remained effectively with nation states. We will look specifically at how modes of governance differ in different foreign policy contexts, comparing the response to the current crisis to policy formation and delivery in relation to Kosovo and the continuing negotiations with Iran. We will also compare this intergovernmental approach to foreign policy development with the more rational institutionalist negotiation of trade policy.

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