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Studying the 'Migration-Security Nexus' in Europe: Towards which End of the 'Nexus'?

Dimitrios Skleparis

This article contends that critical approaches to the 'migration-security nexus' are making a noticeable turn in recent years to a 'migration-oriented' study of the 'nexus'. The aim of this article is to review this shift in the critical analysis of the 'nexus' primarily, but not exclusively, in Europe. The article is organized as follows: first, it provides a brief outline of the creation of the 'migration-security nexus'. Then, it summarizes the emergence of the critical approaches to security and the application of the 'Copenhagen' and the 'Paris' Schools in the study of the 'nexus'. Next, the article discusses the dangers of studying migration from a security perspective, or what is known as the 'security traps' of security studies. In this regard, it continues with a critical assessment of possible solutions to this problem and a review of key studies that empirically engage with these solutions, paying particular attention to their main themes, strengths, and weaknesses. Finally, the article concludes that a key turn to a 'migration-oriented' study of the 'nexus' is taking place among the critical approaches and evaluates the benefits that occur for the critical study of the 'migration-security nexus' in Europe from the perspective of security.

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