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EU Actorness at the UNFCCC: the COP climate change negotiations at Copenhagen

Arne Niemann, Joint paper with Lisanne Groen

This paper explores the EU's actorness in the International Labour Organization (ILO), and especially the EU's role at the past few ILO conferences in Geneva. The paper draw's on Jupille and Caporaso's conceptualisation of actorness and systematically applies their four criteria (recognition, authority, autonomy and cohesion) to the EU's role at the ILO. Their conceptualisation of 'autonomy' will be amended especially because it somewhat clashes with 'cohesion' in its current formulation. The case of the EU's role in the ILO is an interesting one. First, EU actorness in international organizations is still under-researched, also/particularly with regard to the ILO. Second, the EU in the ILO can be considered a less-likely (or even least-likely) case for EU actorness because the EU is not a member of the organisation and the Commission has no formal role during the International Labour Conferences (where the Union is represented by the Presidency). However, at the same time the EU has over the years strengthened its role in, and cooperation with, the ILO. It is hypothesised that especially limited cohesion adversely affects EU actorness in the International Labour Organization.

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