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EU-ropeanisation of Europe's 'Periphery': A Case Study

Oleksandr Svyetlov

I would like to analyse the interactionist cultural-political stand-off between political elite in the European Union and Ukraine and their mutual relations since Ukraine´s independence till now, as well as review the EU-Ukraine developments drawing upon the experience of the 2004-2007 enlargements and neighbourhood policy implementation. I will explain the course of the EU-Ukraine dialogue and interaction with help of both identity discourses and policies. The analysis will be guided by debate between rationalist and sociological approaches. The material is collected through the review of literature, content analysis of political statements and policy papers as well as personal interviews with politicians, experts and scholars in Ukraine and EU. The Ukrainian political elite, following the examples of other CEE states, pursued the task of EU-approximation by essentially narrative-rhetorical means but with slow on-the-field progress. It has been later substantiated by concrete policies, whose impact will also be assessed.

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