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Revolutions and their Immigrants: EU's Response

Leonhard den Hertog

This paper describes EU's response to the crises in North-Africa from the perspective of migration and border control. First of all it analyses the ongoing EU cooperation with African States on these matters and the impact of the recent unrest on this cooperation. It subsequently looks at the response that the EU has formulated in light of these emergency developments. The changed dynamic of the EU institutional debate on immigration and border control after the commencement of the crises provides an interesting case for the analysis of EU's perception of threat and risk at the border. Specifically, the HERMES border control operation of EU's Border Agency (Frontex) is given additional attention in this regard. The paper tests the claims of the predicted influx, it scrutinizes the place of EU's response on migration and border control in its wider reaction and it discusses the way ahead for EU-North Africa cooperation on these matters

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