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Security and National Ethnic Movements in Western Europe: an area for the EU?

António Ramos dos Santos

The term conflicts describes a situation in which two or more actors, who interact with each other, pursue incompatible goals, are aware of this incompatibility, and claim to be justified in the pursuit of their particular course of action. Ethnic conflicts are one particular form of such conflict in which the goals of at least one conflict party are defined in exclusively ethnic terms, and in which the primary fault line of confrontation is one of ethnic distinctions. Does the European Union will react to the new challenges that may take place in the Western Europe relating to the ethnic as nationalist movements in places such as Scotland, Corsica, Catalonia or Flanders? Or, in extremis, is the EU and its instrument on security, the European Defence and Security Policy (ESDP) prepared to deal with an unilateral independence of the Basque Country? Would it be considered a pure internal affair of the Spanish State? Or would it become a problem for the European Union and what kind of answer should people wait for?

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