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Strategies of New EU Member States: the Cases of Economic and Foreign Policies

Vladimir Bilcik, Joint paper with Darina Malova

This paper will examine the formulation and pursuit of economic and foreign policy preferences by post-communist new member states (NMS) of the European Union. It will specifically analyze and compare the strategies of the NMS toward the adoption of the euro and toward developing the eastern dimension of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) from 2004 to 2008. The paper will seek to identify any policy innovations pursued by the NMS in these particular economic and external agendas. It also has the ambition of explaining differences in the NMS' strategies vis-à-vis the euro and the ENP by considering factors such as size, economic issues and the domestic political situations of individual post-communist Member States. The paper will draw on empirical research, interviews with representatives of the NMS and the results of expert questionnaires. Through this examination of policy preferences the paper seeks to contribute to a larger debate on differences between old and new EU Member States in their respective abilities to formulate and to pursue specific economic and foreign policy agendas.

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