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Enlargement without Accession: The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Case of Ukraine

Gozde Yilmaz

The European Neigbourhood Policy (ENP) is the newest foreign policy tool for relations with the neighbours of the European Union (EU) after the 2004 enlargement. The EU launched the ENP in order to promote and strengthen the stability and security in its neighbourhood by motivating the ENP countries to realize domestic reforms. The transformative power of the Union is applied to the neighbouring countries through the ENP. The present study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the ENP as a new foreign policy tool of the EU towards its neighbours by exploring: first, the development and origins of the ENP; second, the key features of the policy; last the implementation of the policy in a relatively ambitious partner of the EU, Ukraine, which is the best illustration for perceiving the implementation of the ENP with its potential and shortcomings. It mainly is argued in the paper that the impact of the ENP remains limited in EU's neighbours due to the inherent weaknesses of the policy and domestic factors within the ENP countries.

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