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The Commission, Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and Construction of the EU Borders

Valentina Kostadinova

The aim of this paper is to critically examine the discourse of the European Commission in the area of Freedom, Security and Justice in terms of its effects on borders in the European Union (EU). This is achieved through a comprehensive study of the major Commission documents in this field - Communications, Green Papers, speeches of Commission officials, Commission press releases and memos. The main argument is that rather than simply contributing to the establishment of a common space in the EU in this Policy area, the discourse has actually led to re-creation of some internal divisions, therefore, has re-constructed borders in the Union. In order to develop this argument, the paper is divided into four main parts - the first one provides background of the development of the Commission's discourse in the Policy area and the following three parts examine in detail the de-bordering articulations that dismantle internal EU borders, the construction of external Union border and the re-construction of internal borders, which is a result of the continued existence of barriers obstructing the free movement of certain types of individuals, such as third country nationals.

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