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Barbarians at the Gate: The Ideas of Europe in Central

Barbara Curylo

The aim of the paper is to clush of ideas of Europe shared by Western and Central - Eastern Europe. As a consequence of Eastern Enlargements of the European Union there appear a situation in which actors of different political experiences, history and culture are to discuss and develop a common coherent vision of Europe what seems to be a huge challenge. A potencial success of the undertaking would be a sum of variety of variables and questions that require answers, which are as follows: is the idea of Europe still valuable to Western part of continent; has Central - Eastern Europe developed its own idea of Europe; is it possible to make different visions of Europe compatible; what exactly is Western and Central - Eastern Europe; what has changed in the comprehension of Europe; can Central - Eastern Europe enrich the vision of Europe and offer a new thinking about Europe and finally is Europe un unfinished adventure as Z. Bauman wrote or is it a beautiful memory? The paper tries to draw a sketch of answers to those questions from the perpspective of Central - Eastern European way of understading the concept of Europe and its all implcations.

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