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The Europeanization of British Foreign Policy

David Allen

This paper examines the impact of EU membership on both the substance and the procedures of British foreign policy since membership in 1973. The paper examines the changing role of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in relation to other government departments as the boundaries between the 'domestic and the foreign become increasingly 'blurred' by the complexities of EU membership. The paper will also examine the changing relationship between the FCO and the office of the UK prime minister contrasting the activism re the EU of Thatcher and Blair with the relative passivity of Wilson, Callaghan and `Major. Substantively the paper will examine the impact of EU membership on the UK's most significant bilateral relationships including with other EU members, the impact on the UK's role in organisations such as the Un and NATO as well as the 'bottom up' impact that the UK has had on the evolution of first EPC and more recently the CFSP and ESDP. The paper will seek to provide indicators that will facilitate comparison with the experience of the other member states covered by these two panels.

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