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Polish Business Interest Associations in the EU - Adjusting to New Frontiers?

Urszula Kurczewska

This paper provides first insights into the European strategies of Polish business interest associations based on large-N quantitative data. It will describe and explain how Polish interest associations (BIAs) have adjusted to the European multilevel system. Can we say that Polish BIAs have evolved into multilevel players who represent their interests at both the EU level and in the member states? Or are they still mainly rooted in the domestic context and depend on national actors? The empirical analysis will show whether they actively take advantage of the available opportunities in terms of timely access to EU institutions and broad involvement in consultations. What kind of recourses and exchange goods can they offer? Do they consider themselves to be partners or rather competitors to other business actors in the EU arena? As far as possible the empirical findings on the Polish BIA behavior will be contrasted to that of BIAs from older member states such as France, Germany, and Great Britain.

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