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Migration, Participation and Employment: the Case Study of Eastern Europeans in Britain

Katarina Zajacova

Political participation of migrants is an element of migration studies that is often overlooked as significantly more attention is paid to migrants' participation in the labour market. However, the level of engagement in political life is directly linked to an important question of integration (or the lack of it) into the host society and often can be seen as an indicator of whether the settlement is intending to be permanent or temporary. The reasons behind the lack of engagement, in this case of female migrants, can be directly linked to the traditional gender divide and women's position in the labour market. Is the correlation between gender and the lack of political participation more pronounced amongst immigrant communities? This paper would look at the first generation Eastern European female migrants and their differences and/or similarities with the indigenous female population as well as other female migrant groups in their level of political engagements and will evaluate whether the phenomenon of mixed marriages and other personal circumstances (such as family reunion migration as oppose to individual/independent female migration) have any impact on this trend.

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