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Learning from Peers: Developing the Role of the Student Advisor in Internationalising the European Studies Curriculum

Helen Drake

This article will first establish the extent of UK students' outward mobility to European university establishments and equivalents, and assess the key trends in this mobility since 2000. Second, it will seek to identify and classify the factors influencing these trends, with an emphasis on an assessment of the role of English-language tuition at partner institutions in shaping mobility trends. Third, by means of a single case study, it will bring into play the role that student peer advisors can and do play in generating mobility amongst new UK undergraduate students considering study abroad. Finally, the article will call on a blend of theoretical perspectives to ascertain the extent to which the 'internationalisation' agenda of UK Higher Education has institutionalised and/or constrained student mobility; the significance of mobility for student understandings of 'European Studies'; the tension, from pedagogical and political perspectives, between foreign language-learning and English-language tuition abroad in the delivery of European Studies programmes; and the function and potential of student learning from peers.

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