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Coming Closer to Europe: Transnational Cooperation between EPFs and Post-Soviet Sister Parties

Natalia Timus

The present article aims at expanding the Europeanization research outside EU member and candidate states. It examines the transnational cooperation between EU-based parties and East European parties as a mode of direct EU influence on domestic transformations of its outsides. The study reveals the weaker influence of EPFs on domestic changes of EEN parties than on CEE counterparts resulting from the limited EU level material and political incentives as well as the vaguely defined EPFs' accession criteria. However, the empirical evidence also shows that both EU-based parties and EEN political actors are more interested in transnational cooperation. This is merely due to the fact that EPFs are willing to expand and increase their popularity outside the EU borders, while EEN domestic parties perceive their affiliation to a EU-based party grouping as joining a prestigious club of parties devoted to EU norms and practices.

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