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The Approach to New Philosophy and a Strategy of Russia-EU Relations

Alla Akulshina

Nature of links between Russia and Europe performs intertwining of both common and distinct genetic roots, as well as combination of commonality and singularity of historical development ways. Ultimately divergence of views was specified by which contradictory feature of Russia-Europe links was currently dominating. Europe is one of the main sources of Russian civilization and identity as well as Russian social and cultural modernization. For the current EU, Russia is the largest and the only additional external resource of geopolitical influence and economic and political subject in the future world. Why are we observing now the value-laden discord in EU-Russia relations – European and post-European values?Russia declared its «European choice» repeatedly. So four 'Roadmaps' 2005 gave a little hope to possible movement to strategic partnership, development of these framework documents into real content, detailed programs, and financial instruments. In fact it only covered up problems and offered nothing to move forward. The concept vacuum appeared at the relations. How to exploit it to find out a decision of grace and make steps to full strategic partnership? We have to use this pause to develop constructive cooperation in various fields on the base of sector agreements avoiding redundant politicization of the collaboration, to promote new forms of cooperation, to set up Russia-EU expert groups, encouraging specific sector agreements. What are the ways to extend the range of issues discussed and levels of its coverage, and to democratize Russia-EU dialogue?

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