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Slovakia as a Co-runner in Visegrad Relays: Heading for a Regional Approach to the EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy?

Veronika Pulisova

The V4 has become a respected model of multilateral-regional co-operation whose constituents, following the accession to the EU and NATO, have committed themselves to transmitting their experience to partners from the East and South-East Europe. They have also expressed a will to co- ordinate their proceeding in other closely intertwined issues of regional importance (tackling the energy security problems, first of all). To a greater or lesser extent, such commitments have been translated into strategic documents of the Visegraacute;d countries and their activities on the ground. Besides specifying Slovak foreign policy priorities in this respect, this paper detects whether and how the Slovak Republic has stuck to the agreed-upon effort to meet these regional challenges in concert with regional partners (in the V4 or V4+ format), in particular of how it has contributed to the proclaimed interest in the V4 synergy in furthering the Eastern Partnership and the EU enlargement. The analysis covers a period since the beginning of 2009 until now, when the Visegraacute;d Group has enjoyed a symbolically upgraded standing within the EU due to the Czech, Hungarian and Polish EU presidencies. It takes into account the context of the reviewed ENP - applying an increased differentiation and conditionality.

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