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The Europeanisation of Austrian Football

Georg Spitaler, Joint paper with Alexander Brand and Arne Niemann

This paper analyses the Europeanisation of Austrian football both as a consequence of pressures stemming from the European integration process and changes in domestic football involving other transnational (non-EU) European bodies and phenomena. As for the former, the paper looks at the impact of the 1995 Bosman ruling of the European Court of Justice nd the European Commission's activities to induce decentralised marketing of broadcasting rights in the EU. In terms of the second dimension, the paper focuses on the impact of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup (now Europa League) on Austrian football. In addition, this paper highlights the relevance of a 'historically-determined' Europeanisation process in Austrian football. The hypothesis in this regard is that Austria  due to its heritage as a fairly multinational state  has been more internationally-oriented right from the beginnings of the game. Thus, it had been Europeanised to some degree long before European integration kicked in. On the other hand, some of the more recent Europeanising dynamics that can be observed in other European leagues, not least its biggest neighbour Germany, are substantially weaker in Austrian football.

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