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Relations between EU and Japan in the Field of Nuclear Non-proliferation

Nicola Casarini

EU-Japan cooperation in nuclear non-proliferation has the potential to become an important part of the two sides' overall political and security relationship. However, do the Europeans and the Japanese perceive nuclear security threats in the same way? How have they responded, both bilaterally and in the UN framework, to the question of nuclear non-proliferation and North Korea's nuclear programme? Is there convergence of views - and policies - on these issues, or divergence? The paper examines European and Japanese perceptions of nuclear security threats, discussing whether - and to what extent - Tokyo and Brussels have succeeded in collaborating on nuclear non-proliferation issues, also taking into consideration their relationship with the United States. The paper also examines collaboration between Europe and Japan involving North Korea, arguably the world's major nuclear dossier, asking whether - and to what extent - there could be an European-Japanese entente on that issue.

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