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Horizontal and Vertical Diversity: Unintended Consequences in EU External Migration Policy

Natasja Reslow

This paper applies the analytical framework developed by Burlyuk (forthcoming) to analyse the unintended consequences surrounding EU external migration policy. In line with Burlyuk, the paper argues in favour of analytical disaggregation, both horizontally and vertically. It is divided into two main sections: first, it analyses unintended consequences for the various actors which play a role in EU external migration policy - the EU institutions, the member states, and the non-EU countries. However, it also highlights the links between these actors through the unintended consequences of their policy choices: an unintended consequence of member states' own external migration policies is arguably that they undermine EU external migration policy. Secondly, the paper considers the link between different policies: between internal and external action on the one hand; and between different sectoral policies on the other. Finally, the paper shows that scholars face serious methodological challenges in establishing what EU 'intent' is in external migration policy, and therefore in determining which consequences are intended and which are unintended. This hampers research into the impact of EU external migration policy.

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