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From Norm-taker to Norm-shaper and Institution-creator: China

Fleur Huijskens

(Re-)emerging powers are taking in a more active role at the global stage and are moving away from merely being 'norm-takers' toward becoming 'norm-shapers' and even 'institution-creators'. China in particular is becoming a more important influencer regarding international norms and institutions. The relationship between existing and (re-)emerging powers is increasingly shaped by a mutually constitutive process of social learning and socialisation. This paper assesses how China has evolved from being a norm-taker into an international norm-shaper as well as an institution-creator and the effect this development has been having on existing great powers, in particular the EU, and global governance. The paper will focus on two case studies; China as a norm-shaper regarding the governance of climate change, taking the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit as a case, and secondly, China as an institution creator through its establishment of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

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