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Faces of Populist Euroscepticism

Jozsef Duro, Andras Hajdu

The crisis of the Eurozone put the critics of the European Union once again into the limelight. Some of these parties achieved a real electoral breakthrough in the 2014 European Parliamentary election. However, various parties have emerged with different criticism over the integration across the European Union. The paper aims to present the distinct faces of Populist Euroscepticism by examining the behaviour of four Eurosceptic parties. The cases were selected in two ways. First of all, relevant Populist Eurosceptic parties are chosen. Three of them won the 2014 European elections in its country, namely, the Greek Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA), the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the French National Front (FN). The fourth one, the Italian Five Star Movement (M5S) became runner-up. Secondly, parties with very different ideologies are sampled to distinguish the different types of the phenomenon. As far as the method is concerned, the paper focuses on the 2014 European election campaigns on the one hand because the campaigns of Eurosceptic parties can give a comprehensive picture about the nature of their Euroscepticism. On the other hand, the parties' voting behaviour in the European Parliament since 2014 is also compared to distinguish the separate kinds of the phenomenon. The paper concludes that these parties differ from each other not only in the European policies but also in other policy areas despite of some similarities among the nature of the examined parties' Euroscepticism.

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