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The Common Agricultural Policy in the Climate Change Era

Emanuela Bozzini

The paper provides an interpretation of policy change in the context of the Common Agricultural Policy andanalyses core and secondary policy beliefs expressed by competing discursive coalitions in the last 10 years. Twocoalitions emerge from the analysis: a productivist coalition - based on the idea of productivity and food security -and a multifunctional coalition - organised around the concept of sustainable agriculture, quality food and acritique of agro-industrial farming.The paper argues that after significant successes of the multifunctional coalition in establishing its preferences atthe beginning of 2000s, in recent times the productivist coalition is fighting back. In particular the climate changecrises is interpreted as a non-cognitive event that is helping the productivist coalition to put food production andfood security on the top of EU agenda, effectively questioning some multifunctional principles and assumptions.By providing a detailed analysis of policy discourses over a period of 10 years, the paper allows for a reflection onthe incremental vs radical nature of policy change in the context of the CAP and provides some updated empiricalevidence of ongoing discussions in the field.

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