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Towards of Humanistic Philosophy of the European Union

Dora Kostakopoulou

The present institutional reality in the EU is characterised by two contradictory dynamics; namely, the institutional one, centred on a quest for macroeconomic solutions, more sustainable public expenditures and even the design of a fiscal Union, and the centrifugal one, calling for a 'palingenesis', that is, for renegotiated, and more intergovernmental, arrangements. Although this reality gives the impression that there exist more problems than solutions, I shall use the disjunction between 'the centripetal' and 'the centrifugal' as a point of departure for outlining a humanistic philosophy for the European Union. The EU needs a more inclusive way of appraising where we are and this inclusive way of seeing things cannot be divorced from a humanist axiology. Five guidelines show how structures and policies can contribute to creating, and bettering, the conditions for a more fulfilled and dignified living.

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