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The Convergence and Divergence in the Visegrad Four Countries: The EU Centre-Periphery Divide and the V4 Semi-periphery Divide

Attila Agh

The V4 cooperation is a 'nested' or two-level game reflecting the dynamics of both the domestic and international politics in the countries concerned. In the present decade there have been 'critical elections' in the V4 states that have provoked changes in the domestic political systems and indicated divergences among these states in their EU relationships. The new tensions in EaP have also triggered divergences in the V4 foreign policies with clear failures in their meetings to find a negotiated solution. At the same time, as the reports on the last 25 or 10 years of this region show, these longer period of systemic change or shorter period of EU membership have produced many common problems which resulted in common interests in the catching up process. Based on the analysis of their foreign and domestic policies, this paper argues that the V4 countries can improve the EU Core-Periphery Divide only with the joint interest representation in the EU.

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